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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Egypt Rising Against Military Rule. Security Forces Descend on Tahrir Square


Egypt Rising Against Military Rule. Security Forces Descend on Tahrir Square

Posted 14 hours ago on Nov. 20, 2011, 12:04 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt


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[-] oilfieldandproudofit 5 points 14 hours ago

We're all pretty much screwed in the future if people don't open there eyes today. We better all get use to being oppressed because there are to many people who still believe everything the government and media tell them.

[-] longboard 0 points 9 hours ago

you are right. I work on a drilling rig in the Rockey Mt and the fox rednecks I work with are the ones that just had Obama and love Bush. They don't walk upright yet.

[-] struggleforfreedom80 0 points 13 hours ago

Yes, this is serious. This unsustainable world society we have today can´t go on for very long. We need to replace it with a democratic sustainable society as soon as possible .

And I think that´s what we´re seeing the beginning of right now.

Over the entire world people are rising up against tyranny and concentration of wealth and power. It´s just amazing to see the engagement and activism, from Egypt, Libya, Greece, to the amazing Occupy Movement in the US (now spreading all over the world)

Really exciting times

Please read my article The Society We Should Strive For where I share my thoughts on what society we ought to work for, and "The Transition Phase: The Road To Freedom" where I explain how we can get there.

"In this possibly terminal phase of human existence, democracy and freedom are more than just ideals to be valued - they may be essential to survival." -Noam Chomskyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YftlB3AxBws

Also, for those who missed it, here´s Chomsky at Occupy Boston: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZbNT62aprM (q&a at 28min)


[-] dealdoctor 0 points 4 hours ago

I have seen your work on the web and am 100% in agreement. I think Noam Chomsky is a wise strong voice for what we need and you articulate those same views. We need to " Crown her good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea". We also need to put the blindfold back on Mother Justice so Congress makes it laws without a view to a special group but makes the laws because they give liberty and justice for all in every station. The Crown of Brotherhood and the Blindfold of Mother Justice are being kicked around on the floor of the Wall Street Stock Exchange. They must be put back in their proper place so that America will be Good and Just as well as Free.

[-] struggleforfreedom80 1 points 20 minutes ago

Keep on fightin` occupy EVERYWHERE:)

[-] SapphireSun (New Haven, CT) 3 points 8 hours ago

People might not know this, but Egyptians marched in solidarity with Occupy America a month or so ago to the American embassy in Cairo. They also did the same to support worker's rights when the whole Wisconsin thing was going on earlier in the year. Egypt has a consulate in New York City. I think as an upcoming direct action move we should march in solidarity to the Egyptian consulate. We owe it to Egyptians not only for the support they themselves have shown us in their marches to our embassy in Cairo, but for helping to propel an entire international movement of leaderless democracy and human rights. Also we are both in the same boat in the fact both Americans in Oakland and Egyptians in Cairo have had tear gas with the stamp Made in the USA on the canister shot at them.

[-] since1982 0 points 2 hours ago

We should also march in solidarity with those in Yemen, Syria, & Bahrain...they all support us more than we think. Whether we like it or not, this is an international movement.

[-] Susan99 2 points 3 hours ago

I am so saddened by this but wish to go on record if what I heard is true I am so dismayed that GA voted to give $30K to send NY occupiers on a trip to witness elections in another country while our movement, still in it's infancy is struggling. That $30K should be going to housing, feeding, or other US occupations rather then sending english speaking occupiers to a different country with a different language where people are being killed. I know I will never donate another dime to the movement as a result of this and am sure many others wont either. I can just see the next headline - OWS to send occupiers to Egypt instead of US. Where are people's heads?

I will support the movement with food or items I know can be used on site but am not in any position to support other countries. This is insanity.

[-] Audet 2 points 3 hours ago

I feel that this is nothing more than Friedman economics. This has been deemed a terrorist act in past decades (South America), so why would it work here? The government has been put in place by American Imperialistic forces to ensure that the corporate raping of resources continues without competition!

[-] WorldCitizen99 2 points 10 hours ago

From Bloomberg News 2/2/2011 "The single most important thing we can do at the moment is shaping the calculations of the military," said Bruce Rutherford, an associate professor at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York, and author of a 2008 book, "Egypt After Mubarak: Liberalism, Islam and Democracy in the Arab World."

Obama himself was careful to compliment the Egyptian military's "professionalism and patriotism" in remarks at the White House after Mubarak's televised speech last night.

"I urge the military to continue its efforts to help ensure that this time of change is peaceful," he said.

The Pentagon has 625 personnel in Egypt, helping keep the peace along the border with Israel and coordinating aid and weapons sales from such companies as General Dynamics Corp., Lockheed Martin Corp., Boeing Co. and United Technologies Corp. More than 500 Egyptian military officers study each year at U.S. institutes such as the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island, and National Defense University at Fort McNair in Washington.

Including the air force and other units, the Egyptian military has 468,500 active duty personnel and 479,000 in the reserves. U.S. assistance pays for about a third of Egypt's defense budget each year, Rutherford said.

[-] ronjj 0 points 9 hours ago

WELL, now ain't that a piece of information that will take a little chewing time.

The news today may call into question that thing abaout "shaping the calculations of the military" It just seems that there may be another group or two in Egypt that are in more of a hurry to SHAPE things.

What is your latest take on this whole situation - World?? Really looking forward to your reply.

[-] oddgrrrl 2 points 10 hours ago

G.A. Egyptian proposal 11/19/11>
I feel 'certain members' of movement building manipulated G.A. process by debating the Egyptian trip till the late hours of the night, basically wearing down the opposition to sending and spending until those who blocked left or gave up!!!!
I am disappointed with OWS movement buildings decision tonight to follow through on spending $29,000 sending multiple people to Egypt for a weekend despite the urgent needs of our currently displaced OWS comrades here in New York and our dire need for people power and resources to repair, rebuild and stabilize our fractured OWS movement here in New York and the U.S.
I feel extremely disillusioned with the G.A and facilitation process which took place tonight; there was tonight, and has been a clear and vocal opposition to this proposals budget and motivations since its approval became public knowledge. Tonight this opposition was voiced, a female Egyptian activist urged people to not go to Egypt at this time, stating that it would better serve the movement to take care of our own, and have Egyptian solidarity marches here in the states, she left at midnight. Some people stayed till 1 am debating the issue of postponing the trip to Egypt, cancel it or buy tickets for Nov., 25th, finally in the end, when only 50 people remained, a vote was called at 1 am; 21 votes were counted as being in favor of postponing the trip (and a possible renegotiation of funding) and 17 opposed to postponement…Now one would think 21 votes would be the deciding factor, but not in the G.A facilitators eyes- it was the 17 votes which prevailed, the tickets would be bought! Perhaps, I am undereducated, but I truly do not understand this counting method or voting logic. I feel the situation was manipulated to the favor of a few members' desires in movement building. I sincerely believe and feel the decision to spend $29,000 sending 20 people to Egypt for a weekend when these resources are needed here and NOW is an act of self indulgence and reeks of the pervasive American attitude of privilege before good conscience and right action. Despite the fact that I was active in Egyptian solidarity marches here in the states and do support the international vision for liberation I stand firm in my Block on this particular Egyptian trip Proposal!

[-] jhilton 1 points 2 hours ago

This is very sad...if had been decided as a collective democratic decision then ok, but to bully others, is that any different than what we alread have? If this is a movement for the people you need to listen to the people.

[-] inca 1 points 8 hours ago

Yes, considering that they have LIMITED resources, I don't see why they've decided to squander it on a trip. I don't see any articles or posts on this site explaining their decision either.

[-] ronjj -2 points 9 hours ago

WHEW, and the OWS said they were leaderless. A meeting of the Board of the biggest corporation in the country wouldn't take that long to decide to give the CEO a bonus of $13M for a job not well done. A true leaderless democracy would not have called for a vote until it was evident that a concensus had been reached. The vote is a mere formality in a true democracy - having set in a LOT of these type democratic meetings until the vote was, 50-0, 15-0, 25-0, 100-0 etc. You simply disgrace the word "democracy"

One of the most memorable days of my life revolved around one of these meeting when I was appointed to a very respected position.
It took two days of discussion, considering all aspects of the appointment and the various options and contenders. One the second day, when the vote was taken - it was unamious, everyone clapped, everyone congratulated me and NO ONE left the room in disgrace or with their head lowered. GET A LIFE OWS - this ain't about any one of you.

[-] musashiz 2 points 11 hours ago

Egypt you have our support!! We will be praying and wishing for your victory and safety

[-] Pharos ('s-Hertogenbosch, NB) 2 points 13 hours ago

The forceful removal of OWS protesters has justified police action in Egypt to do the same. When anyone denounces what happens in Egypt now also denounces the voilence against OWS protesters. Obama denounce either/both cuz the implication is clear for both. Not doing so implicates that violence IS an option so mr. President do what you must! - ADDRESS OWS IN PERSON -

[-] Pharos ('s-Hertogenbosch, NB) 0 points 12 hours ago

A revolution in Egypt wakes to a broken system/world-economy/rising commodity prices w/o offset-subsidies. #OWS #Tahrir

[-] ronjj -2 points 9 hours ago

My friend Ray planted his whole garden to corn this last year. He just figured that if we were dumb enough to burn our food as fuel in our vehicles (ethanol), and thus push the price of commodities all out of reason, he might as well get in on the cash cow too. HOWEVER - he is a little upset by the hike in food prices since we got into the ethanol thing. Pharos - My friend Ray thinks you might want to visit the USA soon to see what is going on. And if you are a citizen living here in the good ole' USA - even Ray will overlook your ignorance.

[-] steven2002 -1 points 13 hours ago

Do you really think the government of Egypt gives a flying fuck about OWS or used your removal from the park to justify what they are doing? You really need serious help.

[-] WorldCitizen99 2 points 5 hours ago

Considering that the Pentagon has over 600 personnel in Egypt and that the Egyptian military is dependent on 33 percent of their funding contributed by the US Gov't -well I think that what the OWS does here in the states has a huge impact on other governments.

[-] hiddenwheel (Newton, MA) 1 points 3 hours ago

...and you know why the Pentagon has people over there. To basically serve as lobbyists. To undermine the people of Egypt. To help maintain military rule while creating the appearance of a forming Democracy.

[-] yaltachick 0 points 11 hours ago

Here here

[-] velveeta 2 points 14 hours ago

besides Israel, Egypt is largest recipient of foreign aid from US taxpayers. that's roughly $50 BILLION over the years. and people crow about Solyndra. when did you, or me, ever consent to paying even one dime to Egyptian military budgets, which money finds its way back into the pockets of US military contractors, lobbyists and congressmen. WHAT A FUCKING SCAM OUR WORLD IS

[-] ronjj 1 points 9 hours ago

My friend Ray said to tell you hi velveeta, and that he gets the Scam-velveeta thing. Though when it comes to macaroni and cheese, he does have his preferences.

He actually thought that the reason we sent so much money to Egypt was to keep the country open so that he and his wife could see those big pointy piles of rocks before he dies. I just can't break the news to him that Mr Hawass has disappeared from TV and that he will probably never get to fulfill his great dream. I'll just tell him that they are stabilizing them so that they won't fall over - OK.

[-] julianzs 1 points 29 minutes ago

As long as there is courage and self sacrifice there will be OWS occupiers. OWS is a social movement of the 99%. But like a beacon it illuminates the path for everyone including many in the 1% who have vision and foresight to want freedom from depravity of greed and hoarding.

[-] HiroProtagonist 1 points 52 minutes ago

How many people are demonstrating for occupy wall street? 30k nationwide? Lets say 100,000 people, to be generous. Lets assume a solidarity of 900,000 more people (this is a big assumption, that 9x as many people agree with you than are actually supporting you). So, there are a total of 1 million people effectively in the movement.

The United States has a population of roughly 300 million people. That makes the OWS movement less than 1% of the population, and far, far less than a majority.

Just wanted to point out that you aren't actually the 99%, you are, in your own way, the 0.3%.

[-] OWSnewswhore 1 points 3 hours ago

From Jaun Cole: http://www.juancole.com/2011/11/army-vs-people-in-egypt.html

Thousands of protesters in and around Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo clashed for a second day on Sunday with Egyptian security forces, with some 18 arrested in the morning hours. Protests are also being held in a number of Egyptian cities.

On Saturday, one person was killed and hundreds were wounded at Tahrir Square as security forces and protesters clashed when the government attempted to clear the square. Another protester was killed in Alexandria. Some Egyptians are saying that deposed dictator Hosni Mubarak has been revealed still to be in power (i.e. his officer cronies have the same mindset as he did).

Al-Masri al-Yawm likened the carnage to the attempted crackdown late in the Mubarak era last February.

Last month US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta visited Cairo and pressured the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) to abrogate the state of emergency, which was instituted in 1981 and sets aside constitutional personal liberties, on the grounds that it would detract from the legitimacy of the elections if they were held under such draconian laws.


There is more. Go read.

[-] murderkingz 1 points 3 hours ago


[-] undernamenothing (Napoli, Campania) 1 points 4 hours ago

It is not easy the process of freedom of oppressed peoples, but we believe that one day they will surrender to a civilized country. Unfortunately now we count the dead, after we discuss rights click herehttp://www.lalavatrice.it/world/scontri-al-cairo-11-morti-e-285-feriti

[-] susaninlapaz 1 points 10 hours ago

‎"For the [Occupy] mobilization to make a deep and lasting impression, the survival issues of the bottom of the 99% have to move to the top of the agenda." from a bimonthly paper called Freedom Socialist: Voice of Revolutionary Feminism. This would NOT include, for example, spending $30,000 to send pretend leaders from OWS to Cairo to visit with pretend leaders from Tahrir Square, as OWS just voted to do last night. OCCUPY OCCUPY with people who know how to check their egos!

[-] ronjj -2 points 9 hours ago

WOW - My friend Ray is getting a little ticked now. He and his wife were saving money for years to visit Egypt and now he finds that a few pretended leaders from OWS are getting a free trip. He is really upset and is making a scene in the coffee shop. Think the OWS just lost any of his support that was hanging in the balance and that of all his friends in there too. Ray is cooling down a little and thinks you might be pulling his leg about the $30,000 thing. That is more money that he and his wife have in their saving account after 40 years of hard work. If you ain't kidding - DO NOT let Ray know. He might just blow that whole trip to Egypt savings, come to the next OWS meeting and give you all a piece of his mind - and you don't want a piece of Ray's mind - you think pepper spray is a bad thing. WHOOA

[-] ComunistUSA 1 points 10 hours ago

"What is a communist? One who hath yearnings / For equal division of unequal earnings."

"The elimination of private property is the very first thing in the Communist Manifesto."

[-] ronjj 0 points 9 hours ago

Come on my friend, where you hear or read all this garbage? Don't believe any thing that you hear about Cuba or Venezland either. They are there simply for the good of all their fellow countrymen. for the good of all their fellow countrymen, for the good of all their fellow countrymen.

Here, my friend Ray, get out your pocket watch on that fake gold chain - swing it in front of their eyes for a while and they will think that this communist thing is the most relaxing thing they have ever seen. JUST don't let them awaken.

[-] ComunistUSA 0 points 7 hours ago

Ebenezer Elliott

Martha Babson

I agree that OWS are talented pocket watch swingers.

[-] Standup77 1 points 10 hours ago

We have a Egypian Consulate here in NYC it is located at 59th st and 2nd ave. near an entrance to the queensburrogh bridge. There is also tramway park located kiddy-corner to the conulate building that looks like it would make a good base of operations. Egyptian activists have marched in solidarity with us, what do you say we return the favor?

[-] MrMiller (Sandy, UT) 1 points 13 hours ago

It's interesting, isn't it? The world is waking up and calling BS everywhere. I love the internet and modern communication, since I think that is the main driving force behind people actually being able to see the BS in real time. Long live the internet!

[-] depthcharge 1 points 13 hours ago

Let's hook up with American-Egyptian organizations and have a big solidarity rally!

[-] struggleforfreedom80 1 points 14 hours ago

Over the entire world people are rising up against tyranny and concentration of wealth and power. It´s just amazing to see the engagement and activism, from Egypt, Libya, Greece, to the amazing Occupy Movement in the US (now spreading all over the world)

Greetings and Solidarity struggleforfreedom

[-] greedisabottomlesspit 0 points 4 hours ago

Beware of Hegelian Dialectic

[-] bigbangbilly 0 points 4 hours ago

Just make sure ows does not install someone worse into power because if that happens I would participate in the movement that would take down that person from power.

[-] hiddenwheel (Newton, MA) 0 points 5 hours ago

The most "dangerous" thing about Egypt is that they could end up with a more representative Democracy than we have here. The Mubarak appointed Supreme Council of the Armed Forces of Egypt is doing their best to stop this from happening. They are trying to stop a civilian transitional government from forming. They are intentionally trying to divide the people along religious lines, and now they are killing people for speaking out against them! They have lost all credibility. Don't buy any of the arguments saying that the danger is militant groups taking over if SCAF hands over power too soon. The real threat of Egypt is to Corporatist/Capitalist countries who count on autocratic regimes and Puppet "Democracies" to do business. The Egyptian people will not be fooled into thinking this military would allow a legitimate government to form.

[-] SayNO2GovInc 0 points 7 hours ago

I don't like the police brutality to overshadow the movement, but it should be used to expose what is really going on here! 
The globalist's hidden agenda of CLOSING AMERICAN CIVIL SOCIETY is being exposed by the worsening Police State of America.
Expose every lie, infiltrator, troll and Jack-boot-cop there is; use every tactic to enlighten The People - the most serious situation any American can imagine The Closing of America! "Corporate America Is Using Our Police Departments As Hired Thugs"http://saynotocorporateamerica.blogspot.com/2011/11/corporate-america-is-using-our-police.html Above link has collection of videos etc, use the Police State to our advantage; use it to WAKE UP PEOPLE! UNITY is our POWER! The oligarchs fear it, GROW IT! The time is now, else the time is never! (note - the majority of police are just doing their job but we need them on our side; they are People first)

[-] NiceLovelyDay 0 points 7 hours ago

Burning tents. Jesus Christ.

[-] Pertemba 0 points 9 hours ago

This second time around is the REAL Egyptian revolution. Where's the April 6 movement when you need it? They, of course, served the interests of the Anglo-American power and allies. Now we can see clearly how the first "revolution" was managed in order to topple Mubarak, who the West no longer needed it. Now, the real repression sets in, the US won't let the people take power this time. Egypt is very strategic piece in the geopolitical chessboard in Middle East/Africa. Egyptian people failed to see the bigger picture earlier this year. They thought mistakenly that it was enough to topple Mubarak. This should be a lesson for the #OWS movement, we need to see beyond reform (not just reinstituting Glass Stegall act, tax the rich, etc, etc)and address the real issues, the bigger pciture. What we have is a systemic problem, which unsustainable and which doesn't represent the power of the people anywhere in the world.

[-] BreadLandPeace 0 points 5 hours ago

It's happened numerous times in history, where the revolutionary movement left the military of the old regime intact, and it wasn't long before the military regrouped and smashed the revolution and unleashed a reign of repression.

[-] NiceLovelyDay 0 points 9 hours ago

Bloomburg's actions encouraged this.

[-] SYNERGETIC4D 0 points 10 hours ago

There was never a popular movement in Egypt -it was a military coup.This has become obvious, now good luck to the people standing against the military that used them to oust Mubarak.The Copts are the Jews of the Egyptian Reich

[-] karenpoore 0 points 10 hours ago

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arab_Spring#Ethnic_scope Summary of protests by country & death toll

[-] raines 0 points 10 hours ago

And when the govt takes over the internet( coming soon) you will really be screwed.

[-] socialme 0 points 11 hours ago

You cannot stop the 99%!!! We will target your buildings, your parks, your ports. We will not be stopped

[-] socialme 0 points 11 hours ago

Listen up folks! It doesnt matter what you say or do. That port is our port. We are the 99% and that port is our target. You going to stop us? Come and try. That port will be shuttered come the 12th. It will be our finest moment protesting the oppressive United States government. We are the 99%!!!

[-] ronjj -1 points 9 hours ago

CHICKEN - You are going to protest and shut down a port as FAR away from the government (DC) as you can get and still be in the continental US. Have you thought about getting a little farther way, say, the Hawaiian Islands or maybe Anchorage just to cover up what you are doing. How about shutting down that port in China where all the junk originates - now there is a real challenge to you.

[-] SYNERGETIC4D -2 points 10 hours ago

Why don't you try taking the port at Dandong in China? Oh you have no rights there.You are in what was once a free nation, since this brownshirt movement started the USA government will use you as tools to destroy what freedom is left.Why aren't you at the capitol or the federal reserve? Can you be that ignorant of history?

[-] Bender (Meriden, CT) 2 points 10 hours ago

we are at the capital and a quite a few federal reserves. the powers that be are going to try to take your freedoms regardless, you have the choice to either be passive or resist.

[-] ronjj 0 points 9 hours ago

Please excuse me SYNERGETIC4D. I should have scanned posts before I hit the post button. You get the credit - my post should have been just YEAH as a reply to yours. Sorry.

[-] ronjj 0 points 8 hours ago

SYNER - you might also give them a waring about getting hit in the head by one of those containers being move around by that big crane. But don't know if it would hurt them, but a word to the wise.. yeah, NEVER MIND.

[-] MattLHolck 0 points 12 hours ago

state TV reported.

"The government asks that people contain themselves in order to express their points of view and to refrain from carrying out demonstrations that will encourage chaos and the deterioration of security in Egypt when Egypt requires stability and security," the Cabinet said in a statement.


[-] Flyman02 0 points 12 hours ago

We will rise up against the oppressive American government. We are the resistance.

[-] ronjj 0 points 8 hours ago

Let me see. I need to ask my friend Ray, but I think in talking to him over the past 50 years, he has a little different interpretation of "rise up" and "resistance"

He thinks that "rise up" refers more to the plant that rises up thorough the cowpie and produces a beautiful flower that smells good as opposed to the plant that comes up under the resistance of the cowpie, grows all craggly and pale and may or may not finally peek out from under to get badly sunburned on the same day that the temperature reaches 29 degrees for the first time in the fall. You do know what the resistance is in this simple example don't you??

Have a great day cowpie, oops, I mean Flyman02.

[-] yaltachick -2 points 11 hours ago

oppressive...seriously? how do you even sleep at night spewing this shit?

[-] nathanhale 0 points 13 hours ago

desperate measures by a crumbling Global Elite.. trying to clear crowds is like trying to bail water on the Titanic...The End of Tyrants is Here

[-] clydecatskills (Stormville, NY) 0 points 14 hours ago

Hopefully the 20 OWS people sent there with the $29K from the donation money will put their lives on the line for the cause.

[-] agnosticnixie (Laval, QC) 1 points 11 hours ago

Nothing has been decided on this yet.

[-] steven2002 0 points 7 hours ago

And lose them, Oh and just one more thing, while you are there explain to the Egyptian security forces that you are just exercising your 1st. amendment rights. Try to do that before they put a bullet in your head.

[-] shainzona 0 points 14 hours ago

Look like several American cities we've been Occupying lately! Did you see the RT Report that Obama is deploying 20,000 U.S troops into the United States "in case" of an event? Supposedly a terrorist event, although the words "civil unrest" are also mentioned.

[-] chunkylover 2 points 2 hours ago

I used to be a US troop "deployed" to the US. Basically, whenever my unit wasn't deployed overseas, we were "deployed" to our post in the US. A typical US deployment included M-F PT, field exercises, and after EOD formation and on weekends it included lots of drinking tax-free liquor bought at the PX and hanging out.

[-] agnosticnixie (Laval, QC) 0 points 7 hours ago

Story is three years old. That said there is at least one brigade assigned domestically.

[-] karenpoore -1 points 11 hours ago

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arab_Spring#Ethnic_scope Summary of protests by country & death toll

[-] schnide -1 points 12 hours ago

meet the new boss, same as the old boss

[-] shill -1 points 12 hours ago

If we could get China with us that would be unreal. All the countries that have governments like China would follow suit. What about Russia? We need them too. I'd love to see the whole world with us. But I don't want to see a one world government.

[-] Flyman02 -1 points 12 hours ago

I am very happy that in December we will be targeting the ports. We will permanently shut those ports down!! They belong to the 99 percent. No one is going to work!!!

[-] SelfReliant 1 points 3 hours ago

Awesome. Let's take 'Em down. They belong to us ! Let's start planning now though, what should we do with them once we take them?

[-] chunkylover 2 points 2 hours ago

That's a no-brainer. Drum-circles dude. The People's new economy will be a drum-circle based economy.

[-] Loudnproud (Langhorne, PA) 1 points 41 minutes ago

I like it! Can I bring my triangle? I rock on the triangle!

[-] owsj -1 points 13 hours ago

The devil makes the valley comfortable for the evil, wicked ones.

If you live out of state or country, you can still attend church with us by watching live on the internet. Simply click on the "live link" on www.TheOccupiedWallStreetJournal.Com

~The nameservers you must use are in the following ranges:

 [pdns01-pdns13].domaincontrol.com [pdns02-pdns14].domaincontrol.com 

NOTE: Nameservers use consecutive odd and even pairs, so PDNS01.DOMAINCONTROL.COM works with PDNS02.DOMAINCONTROL.COM, whereas PDNS12.DOMAINCONTROL.COM would not work with PDNS13.DOMAINCONTROL.COM.


I am not an adventurer by choice but by fate.

"The president's position is that obviously every municipality has to make its own decisions about how to handle these issues." ~~~Dorli Rainey Kitely ~ Airships Launched

[-] vnayar (Brooklyn, NY) 0 points 5 hours ago

Please do not spam your own personal site and pretend to be the Occupied Wall Street Journal. The actual site is here: http://occupiedwallstjournal.com/

[-] ronjj 0 points 8 hours ago

You are welcome to attend church with Ray and me and our families too. Just go to any church in this great land, walk in the front, back or side door and you are there. There is probably one on your block.

You will have to wear some clothes though, we expect a little more civility that just sitting in your undies and typing away on a keyboard tying to find some sanity on a website somewhere.

Guaranteed - you will be welcomed, loved, and probably invited out to lunch with someone if not me, then Ray.

[-] mserfas (Ashland, PA) 0 points 12 hours ago

Say what? What's this stuff about special nameservers? I don't even see what link you need to resolve with them, and if it's a non-accepted domain name why not just give an IP for whatever it is?

[-] JosephCouture -2 points 13 hours ago

It doesn't take a lot for the 1 percent to control those below them if the masses are confused, afraid and fighting amongst themselves.

Read how the Occupy London movement in Canada fell on its own sword here:

www.josephcouture.com "How To Blow A Revolution- The London Model"

[-] yaltachick -3 points 11 hours ago

Stop comparing this itty bitty little thing called OWS to what is going on in the middle east. Not even the same playing field. Embarrassing.

[-] Glaucon 1 points 20 minutes ago

It's a preparation for violence.

[-] NiceLovelyDay 1 points 7 hours ago

I don't see OWS chasing out the national leadership by totally upending the government either.

Palash Biswas
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मैं नास्तिक क्यों हूं# Necessity of Atheism#!Genetics Bharat Teertha

হে মোর চিত্ত, Prey for Humanity!

मनुस्मृति नस्ली राजकाज राजनीति में OBC Trump Card और जयभीम कामरेड

Gorkhaland again?আত্মঘাতী বাঙালি আবার বিভাজন বিপর্যয়ের মুখোমুখি!

हिंदुत्व की राजनीति का मुकाबला हिंदुत्व की राजनीति से नहीं किया जा सकता।

In conversation with Palash Biswas

Palash Biswas On Unique Identity No1.mpg

Save the Universities!

RSS might replace Gandhi with Ambedkar on currency notes!

जैसे जर्मनी में सिर्फ हिटलर को बोलने की आजादी थी,आज सिर्फ मंकी बातों की आजादी है।

#BEEFGATEঅন্ধকার বৃত্তান্তঃ হত্যার রাজনীতি

अलविदा पत्रकारिता,अब कोई प्रतिक्रिया नहीं! पलाश विश्वास

ভালোবাসার মুখ,প্রতিবাদের মুখ মন্দাক্রান্তার পাশে আছি,যে মেয়েটি আজও লিখতে পারছেঃ আমাক ধর্ষণ করবে?


THE HIMALAYAN TALK: PALASH BISWAS ON NEPALI SENTIMENT, GORKHALAND, KUMAON AND GARHWAL ETC.and BAMCEF UNIFICATION! Published on Mar 19, 2013 The Himalayan Voice Cambridge, Massachusetts United States of America



Imminent Massive earthquake in the Himalayas

Palash Biswas on Citizenship Amendment Act


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http://youtu.be/NrcmNEjaN8c The government of India has announced food security program ahead of elections in 2014. We discussed the issue with Palash Biswas in Kolkata today. http://youtu.be/NrcmNEjaN8c Ahead of Elections, India's Cabinet Approves Food Security Program ______________________________________________________ By JIM YARDLEY http://india.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/07/04/indias-cabinet-passes-food-security-law/



Published on 10 Apr 2013 Palash Biswas spoke to us from Kolkota and shared his views on Visho Hindu Parashid's programme from tomorrow ( April 11, 2013) to build Ram Mandir in disputed Ayodhya. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77cZuBunAGk


अहिले भर्खर कोलकता भारतमा हामीले पलाश विश्वाससंग काठमाडौँमा आज भै रहेको अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय मूलवासी सम्मेलनको बारेमा कुराकानी गर्यौ । उहाले भन्नु भयो सो सम्मेलन 'नेपालको आदिवासी जनजातिहरुको आन्दोलनलाई कम्जोर बनाउने षडयन्त्र हो।' http://youtu.be/j8GXlmSBbbk


We talked with Palash Biswas, an editor for Indian Express in Kolkata today also. He urged that there must a transnational disaster management mechanism to avert such scale disaster in the Himalayas. http://youtu.be/7IzWUpRECJM


[Palash Biswas, one of the BAMCEF leaders and editors for Indian Express spoke to us from Kolkata today and criticized BAMCEF leadership in New Delhi, which according to him, is messing up with Nepalese indigenous peoples also. He also flayed MP Jay Narayan Prasad Nishad, who recently offered a Puja in his New Delhi home for Narendra Modi's victory in 2014.]




Palash Biswas, lashed out those 1% people in the government in New Delhi for failure of delivery and creating hosts of problems everywhere in South Asia. http://youtu.be/lD2_V7CB2Is


अहिले भर्खर कोलकता भारतमा हामीले पलाश विश्वाससंग काठमाडौँमा आज भै रहेको अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय मूलवासी सम्मेलनको बारेमा कुराकानी गर्यौ । उहाले भन्नु भयो सो सम्मेलन 'नेपालको आदिवासी जनजातिहरुको आन्दोलनलाई कम्जोर बनाउने षडयन्त्र हो।' http://youtu.be/j8GXlmSBbbk