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THE HIMALAYAN TALK: PALASH BISWAS ON NEPALI SENTIMENT, GORKHALAND, KUMAON AND GARHWAL ETC.and BAMCEF UNIFICATION! Published on Mar 19, 2013 The Himalayan Voice Cambridge, Massachusetts United States of America



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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fwd: [bangla-vision] Criminals who commit offences online to be banned from the web 26 Nov 2011

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Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens for Legitimate Government
26 Nov 2011
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Criminals who commit offences online to be banned from the web 25 Nov 2011 (UK) Criminals who commit offences online and cyber bullies will be banned from the internet as part of the Government's new cyber security strategy, announced today. It calls for police and courts to make more use of existing "cyber sanctions" to restrict access to the social networks and instant messaging services in cases of hacking, fraud and online bullying... Similar orders have been imposed on those charged with involvement in a series of cyber attacks by the Anonymous and LulzSec groups earlier this year, while they await trial.
Cruel new punishment for hackers: Twitter, Facebook bans --UK's cyber-sentencing proposals revealed --Plans in report include focus on giving IT training to police 25 Nov 2011 Fraudsters and hackers could soon get slapped with social media bans as the government plans to encourage judges to dish out online punishments for online crime. The online tagging system is one of several recommendations announced today in the 2011 Cyber Security Strategy. Criminals who commit online crimes will be more likely to receive online sentences - as well as meatspace ones - as judges are encouraged to make use of laws that allow them to restrict or monitor the use of computers by convicted criminals outside prison. [Just start hacking the judges' accounts.]
Anonymous: 'We hacked cybercop's email' --Forensic 'secrets' in F*ckFBIFriday dump 25 Nov 2011 The Anonymous hacking collective's AntiSec group has launched a fresh assault on law enforcement agencies with the release of what they claim are personal emails stolen from a Californian cybercrime investigator. The cache of emails – which according to AntiSec are from the account of Fred Baclagan, a retired special agent supervisor of the Californian Department of 'Justice' – includes 30,000 emails detailing various computer forensic techniques and cybercrime investigation protocols.
Lawmakers, Twitter locked in dispute over Taliban tweets 23 Nov 2011 Some members of Congress are urging the popular website Twitter to stop hosting pro-Taliban tweets that celebrate attacks against US and allied forces in Afghanistan. Twitter executives have told lawmakers that the micro-posts do not violate the website's terms of service because the Taliban is not listed by the State Department as a foreign terrorist organization. That designation would make it illegal to provide "material support or resources" to the militant group. [What about the million$ the CIA forks over to Taliban druglords to keep Afghan opium routes clear?]
Pakistan blocks NATO supply route to Afghanistan after raid kills 28 --NATO helicopters attack military checkpoint in northwestern Pakistan; Pakistan calls the deadly raid a flagrant violation of its sovereignty. 26 Nov 2011 NATO helicopters attacked a military checkpoint in northwest Pakistan on Saturday, killing up to 28 troops and prompting Pakistan to shut vital supply routes for NATO troops fighting in Afghanistan, Pakistani officials said. Pakistan called that raid a flagrant violation of its sovereignty. The Foreign Office equally condemned Saturday's attack.
NATO copter attack kills 28 Pakistani soldiers --Pakistan military slams attack as 'unprovoked and indiscriminate' 26 Nov 2011 At least 28 Pakistani soldiers have been killed and 15 others injured in an attack by a NATO helicopter on the Mohmand Agency in northwestern Pakistan, Press TV reports. The incident occurred when a NATO helicopter targeted a security forces checkpoint known as Salala near the Afghan border in Pakistan's northwest early Saturday, killing the 28 soldiers, including two officers. The offensive took place around 2 a.m. (2100 GMT) in the Baizai area of Mohmand. According to Pakistani officials, the checkpoint was destroyed in the attack.
Karzai says NATO strike killed 7 Afghan civilians 24 Nov 2011 Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Thursday accused NATO-led international forces of killing up to seven civilians, most of them children, in an air strike in the south. Karzai's office issued a statement saying he "strongly condemned" the strike, which it said killed seven people including six children, as well as injuring two young girls.
Six Children Are Killed by NATO Airstrike in Afghanistan 25 Nov 2011 Six children were among seven civilians killed in a NATO airstrike in southern Afghanistan, Afghan officials said Thursday. The deaths occurred on Wednesday in the Zhare district of Kandahar Province... Abdul Samad, an uncle of four of the children who were killed, said his relatives were working in fields near their village when they were attacked without warning by an aircraft. "There were no Taliban in the field; this is a baseless allegation that the Taliban were planting mines," Mr. Samad said. "I have been to the scene and haven't found a single bit of evidence of bombs or any other weapons. The Americans did a serious crime against innocent children, they will never ever be forgiven."
Multiple blasts kills 16 Iraqis, injure 41 26 Nov 2011 A series of bomb explosions in and around the Iraqi capital of Baghdad have claimed the lives of at least 16 people, while wounding 41 others. On early Saturday, two bombs exploded in the village of al-Zaidan, west of Baghdad, AP reported. Local police officials said the two explosions killed eight and wounded 13 others. Another three bombs went off in Bab al-Sharqi, Baghdad's central market district.
Roadside bomb kills six Iraqi workers 26 Nov 2011 Explosion of a roadside bomb has claimed the lives of six construction workers in the western outskirts of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, security sources say. Eight people were also wounded in the incident that took place on Saturday, Reuters reported. "It was a roadside bomb that went off near a pick-up carrying construction workers in Zobaa village west of Abu Ghraib," a police source said on the condition of anonymity.
'16 armed terrorists killed in Syria' 26 Nov 2011 Syrian security forces have dismantled a terrorist gang, killing at least 16 armed elements and arresting several others in an operation in Syria's central province of Homs. The Syrian forces also seized large quantities of arms during the operation which was carried out in the town of Rastan in Homs, AFP reported. Among the seized weapons were rockets, mortars, machine guns and tear gas canisters that were made in Israel. "The armed men sowed terror in the town," said a Syrian official, whose name was not announced.
Iran 'arrests 12 CIA agents' 24 Nov 2011 Iran has arrested 12 people it claims were working undercover for the CIA inside the Islamic republic, further raising tensions in its already strained relationship with the US. On Wednesday, the Irna state news agency quoted a senior Iranian official as saying that the spies it claimed to have arrested had been gathering intelligence from Iran's security and military units as well as its highly sensitive nuclear programme. "The US and Zionist regime's espionage apparatuses were trying to damage Iran both from inside and outside with a heavy blow, using regional intelligence services," said Parviz Sorouri, a member of the parliamentary committee on national security and foreign policy, in quotes carried by Irna.
Israel steals Press TV equipment 23 Nov 2011 Israel has stolen equipment belonging to Iran's Press TV when Israeli forces attacked a Gaza-bound aid flotilla in international waters, Press TV reports. Press TV correspondent Hassan Ghani explained the takeover of the equipment when he was in Israeli custody earlier this month. Ghani, who was reporting on an attempt by two ships to break Tel Aviv's economic blockade of the Gaza Strip, was detained with 26 other activists and journalists. The Press TV reporter said that he was forced to throw his laptop into the sea.
Yemeni warplanes kill 80 tribesmen 26 Nov 2011 Yemeni warplanes have killed at least 80 anti-regime tribesmen in the northeastern region of Arhab in the space of 48 hours, security officials say. A security official leaked the information to the media on condition of anonymity, AP reported on Saturday. The reason for the heavy offensive is believed to have been that the tribesmen had taken over a military camp in the region a few days prior to the attack.
Bradley Manning's defence plans to call 50 witnesses 22 Nov 2011 The defence team for WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning is planning to call 50 witnesses at next month's military hearing, promising to turn the proceedings into a detailed legal battle over the merits of the prosecution case against him. The Bradley Manning support network, a group of sympathisers of the US soldier that has paid for the bulk of his legal fees so far, revealed that attorneys are preparing to launch a vigorous defence at the pre-trial hearing scheduled to take place at Ford Meade in Maryland on 16 December.
General Strike: November 28, 2011! --The only thing we have left is our labor. This is what we must withhold. Posted by Extend your Thanksgiving weekend by refusing the austerity measures to be imposed on the vast majority by the corporate, military and financial oligarchy! General Strike, Monday, November 28, 2011!
17 Detroit Officers Suspended After Walkout --After walking off of the job Friday, 17 Detroit police officers have been suspended. 22 Nov 2011 After walking off of the job Friday, 17 Detroit police officers have been suspended, pending the outcome of an Internal Affairs investigation, Police Chief Ralph Godbee Jr. said in a statement today. The officers, from the Northeastern District, left their post between 5:30-8 p.m. Friday, just days after Detroit Mayor Dave Bing proposed a 10% pay cut for police and fire personnel. The officers are alleged to be in violation of a state statute entitled "Participation in a Strike."
'Months of public sector strikes' loom: Wednesday's walkout is just the start, warn unions 25 Nov 2011 (UK) Union bosses have amassed a fighting fund of tens of millions of pounds to bring the country to its knees with waves of strikes. The rolling programme will begin – but not end – next week with the biggest walkout since the General Strike of 1926. In a chilling warning, union barons said it was fantasy to think the action on November 30 would be a one-off.
NYPD raid on Occupy's Zuccotti Park camp destroyed thousands of books [Since most NYPD morons don't read, it was likely no big deal to them.] 23 Nov 2011 What started in September as a few piles of books on a tarp in Manhattan's Zuccotti Park, the de facto headquarters of the Occupy Wall Street movement, had grown into a full-fledged outdoor library with 5,000 volumes and an online catalogue by November. On Wednesday, a group of library workers and supporters of The People's Library, as it's known among Occupy protesters, gathered in midtown Manhattan to discuss what had become of the library during the Nov. 15 eviction of protesters from Zuccotti Park ordered by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
Occupy L.A.: Mayor, LAPD won't discuss tactics for removal 26 Nov 2011 L.A. officials have not revealed details -- or tactics -- of their plan to push out the Occupy campers on the City Hall lawn beginning Monday morning. At a press conference Friday, neither Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa nor Police Chief Charlie Beck would say whether police were prepared to use tear gas or rubber bullets to clear protesters who refuse to leave, tactics officers in other cities have turned to while clearing Occupy encampments. It's also unclear when exactly police would evict the protesters.
Occupy Los Angeles faces Monday eviction deadline --Mayor and police chief say city has accommodated movement but 'after 56 days it's time to leave' 25 Nov 2011 Hundreds of Occupy protesters will be evicted on Monday from their encampment in front of Los Angeles city hall, city officials have said. The nearly two-month-old encampment is among the oldest and largest on the US west coast aligned with the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations protesting against economic inequality and the excesses of the financial system.
Occupy protesters take message about corporate greed to Black Friday shoppers in Calif. 26 Nov 2011 Anti-Wall Street protesters took their message about corporate greed to Black Friday shoppers, staging demonstrations in commercial areas in California on one of the busiest days of the year for retailers and bargain-hunters. In San Francisco, protesters demonstrated in the streets near Union Square during the annual Macy's Christmas tree lighting ceremony Friday evening. Lines of police officers in riot gear faced off with dozens of demonstrators who were trying to discourage shoppers from shopping at Macy's and other stores in the popular tourist area.
Germany nuclear protesters clash with police 24 Nov 2011 Police in northern Germany have used water cannons against demonstrators waiting for the arrival of a shipment of nuclear waste from France. Scuffles broke out between police and protesters after fireworks and paint were thrown at officers. Protesters had tried to block a crossroads at Metzingen, near the shipment's destination.
School lockdown: Facebook post causes scare at Bristol Central 23 Nov 2011 (CT) Comments posted on Facebook by a student referencing the 1999 Columbine school killings led officials to lock down Bristol Central High School for two hours Wednesday as police searched the building with canines. Superintendent of Schools Philip A. Streifer said the 16-year-old boy, who was not identified by authorities, was brought to the school's main office to be questioned by school officials and police while the lockdown was in place. "We quickly made the decision to go into lockdown," Streifer said. "Everything was cancelled, including the pep rally, and students remained [were trapped] in their classrooms with their teachers." [When there's a potential shooter at a school, WHY go into 'lockdown?' To trap the students so the shooter can kill more of them? That appears to be the goal of the 'lockdown.']
Tokyo to require companies to stockpile for next major earthquake 24 Nov 2011 The government of Tokyo is to require companies and organisations in the city to stockpile food, water, blankets and other emergency supplies to be ready for the major [HAARP-generated] quake that is expected to strike the city in the next two decades. Nine months after the magnitude-9 Great East Japan Earthquake devastated the north-east of the country, resulting in around 20,000 deaths, the Japanese capital is bracing itself for a similar disaster. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has been updating its disaster plans since March 11 and will release an ordinance in the New Year that will require companies to store sufficient emergency supplies for their staff for three days.
Heads up! US pharma-terrorists and their vaccine pimps are busy little bees, synthesizing new pandemics: CDC confirms cases of new swine flu virus 24 Nov 2011 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed three cases of a new flu virus, which originated in pigs their labs but apparently spread from person to person, in three Iowa children. The CDC has counted a total of 18 cases of this new virus, an influenza A strain known as S-OtrH3N2, in two years. That suggests that it's not spreading quickly or easily [enough for CDCociopaths], says William Schaffner, a professor at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and spokesman for the Infectious Diseases Society of America. [We're not falling for Baxter's bullsh*t again.]
Arctic sea ice loss unprecedented in 1,450 years 23 Nov 2011 The recent loss of sea ice in the Arctic is greater than any natural variation in the past 1½ millennia, a Canadian study shows. In September, Germany's University of Bremen reported that sea ice had hit a record low, based on data from a Japanese sensor on NASA's Aqua satellite. The U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center, using a different satellite data set, reported that the sea ice coverage in 2011 was the second-lowest on record, after the record set in 2007.
Massive swathes of rainforest threatened by Brazilian bill 24 Nov 2011 A bill before the Brazilian senate could see millions of acres of forest, equal in size to Germany, Italy and Austria combined, destroyed forever if it is approved. Conservationists are warning that proposed changes to Brazil's Forest Code will exacerbate the problem of deforestation in the Amazon and beyond.
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THE HIMALAYAN TALK: INDIAN GOVERNMENT FOOD SECURITY PROGRAM RISKIER The government of India has announced food security program ahead of elections in 2014. We discussed the issue with Palash Biswas in Kolkata today. Ahead of Elections, India's Cabinet Approves Food Security Program ______________________________________________________ By JIM YARDLEY



Published on 10 Apr 2013 Palash Biswas spoke to us from Kolkota and shared his views on Visho Hindu Parashid's programme from tomorrow ( April 11, 2013) to build Ram Mandir in disputed Ayodhya.


अहिले भर्खर कोलकता भारतमा हामीले पलाश विश्वाससंग काठमाडौँमा आज भै रहेको अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय मूलवासी सम्मेलनको बारेमा कुराकानी गर्यौ । उहाले भन्नु भयो सो सम्मेलन 'नेपालको आदिवासी जनजातिहरुको आन्दोलनलाई कम्जोर बनाउने षडयन्त्र हो।'


We talked with Palash Biswas, an editor for Indian Express in Kolkata today also. He urged that there must a transnational disaster management mechanism to avert such scale disaster in the Himalayas.


[Palash Biswas, one of the BAMCEF leaders and editors for Indian Express spoke to us from Kolkata today and criticized BAMCEF leadership in New Delhi, which according to him, is messing up with Nepalese indigenous peoples also. He also flayed MP Jay Narayan Prasad Nishad, who recently offered a Puja in his New Delhi home for Narendra Modi's victory in 2014.]




Palash Biswas, lashed out those 1% people in the government in New Delhi for failure of delivery and creating hosts of problems everywhere in South Asia.


अहिले भर्खर कोलकता भारतमा हामीले पलाश विश्वाससंग काठमाडौँमा आज भै रहेको अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय मूलवासी सम्मेलनको बारेमा कुराकानी गर्यौ । उहाले भन्नु भयो सो सम्मेलन 'नेपालको आदिवासी जनजातिहरुको आन्दोलनलाई कम्जोर बनाउने षडयन्त्र हो।'